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Group Financial Summary

Continuing operations
Profit/(loss) for the year3,610(86,547)(18,540)(279,742)9,858
Discontinued operations
Loss for the year---(5,222)(8,335)
Eligible profit/(loss) attributable to shareholders3,610(86,547)(18,540)(284,964)1,523
Balance Sheet
Total assets2,231,5922,107,2252,145,7352,307,5162,537,446
Total liabilities(1,070,457)(1,066,454)(1,174,797)(1,305,770)(1,233,152)
Total equity1,161,1351,040,771970,9381,001,7461,304,294
Net borrowings636,274570,038567,537636,319551,163
Total cash and deposits244,694269,204358,428363,425486,062
Cash Flows
From operating activities124,74049,52198,61593,65298,142
From investment activities of which(123,560)(98,643)(54,852)(131,683)(114,186)
gross investment in vessels(219,857)(181,340)(146,408)(194,472)(456,497)
From financing activities56,75918,112(100,420)(112,536)36,773
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents excluding term deposits57,939(31,010)(56,657)(150,567)20,729
Other Data
Basic EPS 2US cents0.1(3)(1)(15)0.1
Dividends per share 1 & 2US cents---11
Eligible profit payout ratio 2--->100%>100%
Operating cash flows per share 2US cents32455
Company net book value per share 2US cents2626365267
Closing price at year end 2HK$1.691.
Market capitalisation at year endUS$'000960,000647,000423,000782,0001,382,000
1 No final dividend is proposed for 2017.

2 "Other Data" for the years ended 31 December 2013 to 2014 is extracted from the Group Financial Summary in our Annual Reports of those years. No retrospective adjustments for the June 2016 rights issue were made to such information except for the closing price at year end.
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