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Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

For the year ended 31 December
Operating activities
Cash generated from operations25(a)125,60151,031
Hong Kong profits tax paid(555)(694)
Overseas taxation paid(306)(816)
Net cash generated from operating activities124,74049,521
Investing activities
Purchase of property, plant and equipment(219,857)(181,340)
Disposal of vessels and other PP&E9,61716,066
Disposal of available-for-sale financial assets158-
Disposal of investment properties-5,065
Disposal of joint ventures-650
Decrease in term deposits82,87158,166
Interest received3,6512,750
Net cash used in investing activities(123,560)(98,643)
Financing activities
Drawdown of bank loans and other borrowings25(b)188,601344,851
Repayment of bank loans and other borrowings25(b)(136,929)(209,953)
Proceeds from new share placement, net of issuing expenses18(b)37,630-
Payment for shares purchased by trustee of the SAS18(c)(1,233)(1,809)
Payment for redemption of convertible bonds-(229,390)
Proceeds from rights issue, net of issuing expenses18(e)-142,772
Shares granted to employees in the form of restricted shares awards-991
Interest and other finance charges paid(31,310)(29,350)
Net cash generated from financing activities56,75918,112
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents57,939(31,010)
Exchange gains/(losses) on cash and cash equivalents422(48)
Cash and cash equivalents at 1 January168,679199,737
Cash and cash equivalents at 31 December 12227,040168,679
Term deposits at 1 January12100,467158,633
Decrease in term deposits(82,871)(58,166)
Cash and deposits at 31 December12244,636269,146
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