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Our Key Impacts

Our Key Impacts

Propelling a vessel across oceans and operating a network of offices require many resources, the outputs of which impact the environment, our staff and the communities in which we operate. To minimise these impacts, Pacific Basin has ship and shore-based initiatives focused on reducing atmospheric emissions, marine discharges and resource consumption, enhancing the safety and wellbeing of our staff, and enhancing the quality of the relationships and interactions we have with our communities.

At Sea


Key resources and relationships we rely on (our Capitals)

Human Capital Physical & Natural Capital Social & Relationship Capital
Staff at sea Steel & vessel materials Customers
Fuel oil Suppliers
Paints Ports & local community
Ballast water Dock/port workers
Food & packaging Agents
Cargo packing materials Local regulators


Our impacts and CSR responsibilities

Physical Impacts Atmospheric EmissionsGoodwill & Reputation Impacts
Accidents & illness,
personal fitness,
productivity & effectiveness

Mental Impacts

Separation from family & friends,
absence of normal life ashore, mental
wellbeing, boredom
CO2, Greenhouse gases, SOx, NOx,

Marine Discharge

Bilge and ballast water, sewage and
gray water, garbage/food waste, toxic
leaching from paint, cargo residue and
accidental discharges

Shore Discharge

Garbage, waste dunnage, cargo
residue, sludge, hazardous waste,
expended parts

Other impacts

Steel and other resources
consumption (for vessel construction),
and noise, odor and visual impact

Ship/crew performance and
cooperation impact support from
customers. Courtesy, cooperation
and professionalism impact support
from shore-side workers, authorities
and other service providers. Poor
performance and attitude impact
brand reputation and vessel
turnaround time in port.

On Shore


Human CapitalPhysical & Natural CapitalSocial & Relationship Capital
Staff ashoreBusiness travelCustomers
ElectricityRegulators & policy makers
Paper suppliesCommunities
Water & SewageInvestors
General wasteFinance providers

Our Worldwide Network

12 office locations including:

10 commercial offices
3 technical & crewing offices

Our Hong Kong headquarters is home to commercial,
technical, crewing and comprehensive other functions


Physical Impacts

Accidents & illness, personal fitness,
productivity & effectiveness
Atmospheric Emissions

CO2, Greenhouse gases, SOx, NOx,
Goodwill & Reputation Impacts

Courtesy, fairness, cooperation and
professionalism impact support and
goodwill from customers and other
Mental Impacts

Work-life balance
Other Impacts

Non-recyclable, non-biodegradable
waste, water pollution, fuel &
resources consumption
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